Friday, May 19, 2006

Destination: Sales

What one thing turns an amateur writer into a professional? Sales.
Why can't everyone just sell? Isn't what everyone thinks worth sharing?
Why are editors so picky?

After 40 years of teaching, writing and editing both a national magazine and a national newspaper, I've seen through the mist and found the secret of sales.

Editors want structure, style, competence, authority, originality. They want beginning writers to have the mindset of professionals. They don't have time to do the teaching.

This blog will analyze magazine articles written by those who sold them. We'll discuss what appealed to the editor and how the writer put his work together.

We'll discuss titles, leads, red strings, foreshadowing, structure; and we'll do it in normal, ordinary American language.

I've taught grades three through 18 in grammar schools abroad and in this country, in high schools, colleges, universities and graduate school.

I've written 17 books and edited many.

To see what I'm about, kindly visit my website:

You'll find 72 low cost writing lessons teaching how to write articles, opinions and stories for children. You will also find my eight novels--also at low cost. They are the J. Edgar Beanpole series of school mysteries: Football Detective, Volleyball Spy, Soccer Sleuth, Basketball Hawk,
Stage Snoop, and a mystery novel out of my years in Africa: They Called Him Shifta. Also there is a version for girls of Basketball Hawk, called "Sink It! Sink It, Becky P."

I've included Bible helps from a nondenominational point of view. "The Preface and the Purpose" is a Bible study on the books of Leviticus and Hebrews. It explains thoughtfully why God Himself became Man and took the guilt of all our sins upon Himself when He died on Calvary's cross.

Another study is the Gospel of Luke, verse by verse.

"The Bible at a Glance" gives a brief synopsis of all 66 Bible books in clarity.

Three commentaries by that great preacher, Dr. John G. Mitchell, for 75 years a pastor and teacher, highlight this section. They are "Let's Revel in Romans," "Let's Revel in John's Gospel,"
"Let's Revel in John's Letters."

Come join me in these writing lessons.

We've set our destination: Sales!
Professor Dick


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